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BIRCH Plywood

672,00 €/m3

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Production Facilities Türkiye-Ukraine-Estonia
Declaration Turkish Plywood® ALL
International Standards FSC, CE, EN, TSE, CARB-2
Tolerance Standard International Acceptance & Special Tolerances
Transport Protocol FIATA
Sales Regions Europe, South Asia, Middle East, Africa
Product Description

Birch Plywood appeals to a very wide range of uses. It is one of the leading products for construction, furniture, floor coverings, ship industry and packaging sectors.

Birch Plywood products, which are produced in factories where Glopdoc has a global partnership, are produced under the standards included in the glopdoc declaration.

The prominent ones among these standards are ;

Birch papel quality supplied from the European Continent,
Production technology,
The proportions of glue used,
All layers are monolithic (2500x1250mm/1250x2500mm/1525x1525mm),
Compliance with international standards on tolerance,
Surface quality complies with international standards



Glopdoc Birch Plywood products are delivered to our customers in accordance with the IATA Transport protocol in the form of shipment from central storage, transit shipment, delivery to the place.

Production Facilities